Book Series List

Brian’s Saga Series - Gary Paulsen
The River
Brian’s Winter
Brian’s Return
Brian’s Hunt
Francis Tucket Series – Gary Paulsen
Mr. Tucket
Call Me Francis Tucket
Tucket’s Ride
Tucket’s Home
Tucket’s Gold
Angels Series - Lurlene McDaniel
Angels Watching Over Me
Lifted Up By Angels
Until Angels Close My Eyes
One Last Wish Series - Lurlene McDaniel
A Time to Die
Mourning Song
Mother Help Me Live
Someone Dies, Someone Lives
Sixteen & Dying
Let Him Live
Making Wishes Come True
Please Don’t Die
She Died To Young
All the Days of her Life
A Season for Goodbye
Reach for Tomorrow
Clique Series – Lisi Harrison
Charmed and Dangerous
The Clique
Best Friends For Never
Revenge of the Wannabes
Invasion of the Boy Snatchers
The Pretty Committee Strikes Back
Dial L for Loser
It’s Not Easy Being Mean
Sealed with a Diss
Bratfest at Tiffany’s
P.S. I Loathe You
Boys R Us
These Boots Are Made for Stalking
My Little Phony
A Tale of Two Pretties

Movers and Fakers
Belle of the Brawl
Top of the Feud Chain

Tales of Otori
Across the Nightingale Floor
Grass for His Pillow
Brilliance of the Moon

Border Trilogy Series
All the Pretty Horses
Cities of Plain
L.A. Meyer – Jacky Faber Series
Bloody Jack
The Curse of the Blue Tattoo
Under the Jolly Roger
In the Belly of the Bloodhound
Mississippi Jack
My Bonny Light Horseman
Rapture of the Deep
Wake of the Lorelei Lee
Mark of the Golden Dragon
The Fall of Reach
The Flood
First Strike
Ghosts of Onyx
Contact Harvest
The Cole Protocol

Ranger’s Apprentice
Ruins of Gorlan
Burning Bridge
Icebound Land
Battle for Skandia
Sorcerer of the North
The Siege of Macindaw
Erak’s Ransom
The Kings of Clonmel
Halt’s Peril
Emperor of Nihon
Lost Stories
David Rains Dragon Series
The Fire Within
Ice Fire
Fire Star
Fire Eternal
Dark River
Fire World
Shadow Children Series
Among the Hidden
Among the Imposters
Among the Betrayed
Among the Barons
Among the Brave
Among the Enemy
Among the Free
Dark Tower Series
The Drawing of Three
The Wastelands
Wizard and Glass
Wolves of the Calla
Song of Susannah
The Dark Tower

Shiloh Season
Saving Shiloh

Daughter of the Lioness
Trickster’s Choice
Trickster’s Queen

Alice Series
  1. The Agony of Alice
  2. Alice in Rapture, Sort of
  3. Reluctantly Alice
  4. All But Alice
  5. Alice in April
  6. Alice the Brave
  7. Alice in Lace
  8. Outrageously Alice
  9. Achingly Alice
  10. Alice In-Between
  11. Alice on the Outside
  12. The Grooming of Alice
  13. Alice Alone
  14. Simply Alice
  15. Starting with Alice
  16. Alice in Blunderland
  17. Alice, Woman of the House
  18. Patiently Alice
  19. The World of Alice
  20. Including Alice
  21. Lovingly Alice
  22. Alice on Her Way
  23. Alice in the Know
  24. Dangerously Alice
Boys Against Girls
The Boys Start the War
The Girls Get Even
Boys Against Girls
The Girls’ Revenge
A Traitor Among the Boys
A Spy Among the Girls
The Boys Return
The Girls Take Over
Boys in Control
Girls Rule!
Boys Rock!
Who Won the War?
Strongbow Saga
Viking Warrior
Dragons from the Sea
Road to Vengeance

Missing – Meg Cabot
Code Name Cassandra
When Lightening Strikes
Safe House
Missing You

Bourne Series
The Bourne Identity
The Bourne Supremacy
The Bourne Ultimatum

The Wheel of Time
Eye of the World
Great Hunt
Dragon Reborn
Shadow Rising
Fires of Heaven
Lord of Chaos
A Crown of Swords
Path of Daggers
Winter’s Heart
Crossroad of Twilight
Knife of dreams
Gathering Storm
Twilight Saga Series
New Moon
Breaking Dawn
Artemis Fowl
Artemis Fowl
Artic Incident
The Eternity Code
The Opal Deception
The Lost Colony
The Time Paradox
Perry Jackson & the Olympian
The Lightening Thief
The Sea of Monsters
The Titan’s Curse
The Battle of Labyrinth
The Last Olympian
Demigod Files
Last Apprentice Series – Delaney
Revenge of the Witch
Curse of the Bane
Night of the Soul Stealer
Attack of the Fiend
Wrath of the Bloodeye
Clash of the Demons
Rise of the Huntress
Rage of the Fallen
The Spooks Tale
A Coven of Witches

Maximum Ride – The Fugitive
Angel Experiment
School’s Out
Saving the World and other extreme sports
Maximum Ride – The Protectors
The final warning

Tomorrow Series

Grey Griffins
The Fall of the Templar
The Rise of the Black Wolf
The Revenge of the Shadow King
Hannibal Lector
Red Dragon
Silence of the Lambs
Hannibal Rising

Recluce Series
Vampire Kisses – Ellen Schreiber
Vampire Kisses
Kissing Coffins
Dance with a vampire
Coffin Club
Alex Rider Series
Point Blank
Skeleton Key
Eagle Strike
Ark Angel
Crocodile Tears
Scorpia Rising

Gatekeepers Series
Raven’s Gate
Evil Star
Glory Series
Shadow Tree
Blue Girl
Forget Me Not
Vampire Academy – Mead
Vampire Academy
Shadow Kiss
Blood Promise
Spirit Bound
Last Sacrifice
House of Night – P.C. Cast
The Merchant of Death
The Lost City of Fear
The Never War
The Reality Bug
Black Water
The Rivers of Zadaa
The Quillan Games
The Pilgrims of Rayne
Raven Rise
The Soldiers of Halla
39 Clues
Maze of Bones
One False Note
The Sword Thief
Beyond the Grave
The Black Circle
In Too Deep
Vipers Nest
Emperor’s Code
Storm Warning
Into the Gauntlet
Vespers Rising
Black Book of Buried Secrets
39 Clues:  Cahills vs. Vespers
The Medusa Plot
A King’s Ransom
The Dead of Night

Seventh Towers – Nix
The Fall
Above the Veil
Into Battle
The Violet Keystone
Gone Series
The Mortal Instruments
City of Bones
City of Ashes
City of Class
City of Fallen Angels
City of Lost Souls
Infernal Devices
Clockwork Angel
Clockwork Prince

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