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PTO Meeting



Welcome and Introductions


Treasurer’s Report - $ 48,726.85 (Pizza totals are not in as of today - around $10,500)


Principal’s Report

  • With PTO balance we can start getting some things accomplished.

  • Monkey Bars have to be replaced because of being so close to the edge.

  • More matts to add to help under equipment to help with water under equipment

  • Reading for Education (Magazines) - Down a little bit from last year - around $8,000

  • Pre-School court yard needs cleaned up (Monday and Tuesday of Spring break asking for help to clean up pre-school court yard)

  • Mrs. Kitchin would like release at one time - if she can’t get it at one time maybe once a month - released all at one time would help to have staff meetings.


Box Top Campaign - Box Tops were down from last year $3, 609.33

  • People could put containers for work to collect Box Tops


Pizza Sales - How we set the goal… …

  • We won’t have carnival next year to help pay for the movies

  • Box Tops were down from previous years

  • To help pay for school supplies



  • Talk of using shirts for 2 years (may need to order a bigger size to last for two years)


  • When Paragon is over - should we do Pizza Sales 2 times a year (Spring/Fall)?


Milk Caps - $250.00


PSC Phone Books - $0.50 a phone book


Keep collecting Ink Cartridges

Fundraising Ideas for Next Year (collect money up front)

  • Sale Discount Bombers tickets

  • Mrs. Field’s Cookie Dough (Before Holidays)

  • Krispy Kreme

  • Sudz Soap

  • Merkley Meats

  • AAU Basketball Tournaments Gate/Concessions

  • Clean Sweep (German American) 10 teams for $300 Beth McManaway 7 a.m. - 10 a.m. May 6th

  • Father/Daughter Dance & Mother/Son Movie - Off Carnival Years

Bus Driver Appreciation

  • Great Feedback from bus driver appreciation week

Teacher Appreciation

  • Ideas?

  • Station for kids to make cards

  • Food cart

  • Parents Take Recess Duty

  • Massage during the school day

  • Snacks in lounge

  • Extended Lunch

  • Teacher/survey - parents liked survey for ideas, but teachers felt it was like they were asking for something

PTO MEETING in May - Officer Elections (Let us know who would like to run for office)

  • Secretary

  • Vice President

  • One Teacher Representative

  • Grade Level Reps

Fundraiser Committees

  • Paragon Committee Members

  • Father/Daughter & Son/Mother

  • Pizza

Money for Grandparents (Surrogates to have books)

PTO & ISTEP Snacks - from PTO?

  • Chalk on concrete for Good Luck

  • Parent Video for students wishing them luck


  • Spring Break - March 27-31

  • Grandparents’ Day April 7th 8:30 - 10:30

  • Spring Art & Music Show (Pre-K, 1st, 3rd)

  • Next PTO Meeting - May 9th (Officer Elections)


11-8-16  Meeting Notes


Welcome and Introductions


  • Everyone introduced themselves and who their children are.  PTO Roles


Treasurer's Report


  • Spirit Wear $126.00

  • Prairie Farm $100

  • Coke $108

  • Total - $3, 500


Principal Report

  • Sharing Table - Explanation of how the Sharing Table Works (cafeteria)

  • Students can share an item that they will not eat.  If they eat two items off their tray they will be able to get an item off the sharing table.

  • Robotics Team Explanation and how it will work.  We received a grant to start a Robotics Team this year.

  • Ambassador Program Explanation and expectations for the Ambassadors



  • Students will go to the Movies on December 22nd.  

  • PTO will be paying for the Movies.

  • $6 Per Movie

  • The Entire school will go at one time.

  • Classes will not have a book exchange this year.  The movies will take place of the book exchange.  


Christmas Gifts

  • Toys For Tots This Year

  • PTO is working on gifts for teachers.

  • Teacher reps.  - If ideas for Christmas for teachers, let Audrey know.


Fundraising Update

  • 14, 000 (around)  

  • A little over last year’s sales (profit very similar to last year)

  • Openings for the 2nd shift to help with Paragon pick-up

  • Money Day for Paragon is November is Friday, November 18th

  • Paragon will be here Monday, November 21st to count money




Pizza Sales (Chicago Pizzas)

  • February 21 - March 3

  • Pick Up may be in 2 pick up dates



  • Railroad ties need replaced

  • Looking at Grants to help with Playground Updates

  • If you have experience writing grants and would like to help, please let us know.

  • If you know of Local Grants let us know to help with playground expenses.


Christkindlmarkt Help

  • Door Greeters are Needed!  If you are willing to help, let us know.

  • Milk Parlor will be here at FES to sale food.  It was decided last year for PTO to not sale food.  It took a lot of volunteers and resources for the little amount made.


Sign Up Genius

  • Looking into using it for sign ups for PTO


E-mail’s To Grade Level Reps

  • Will have to check with Higher Ups to see if email addresses

  • Jill Memmer suggested to use the REMIND app to contact other grade level parents.

  • Teachers will need to share their REMIND information with the grade level reps.

Next Meeting:  January 10th


BOX TOPS:  $940 (Fall Mailing)

  • Box Tops aap

  • Box Top Contest will be in the spring

  • Fall Box Tops will be part of the contest.

  • Mrs. Buening reported that if you take a picture of your Sams Receipt you can get box tops through Sam’s Club.  


If you have ideas or suggestions, please let us know.  

Feel free to write suggestions down and hand to Audrey.

Ideas for babysitting!


Grade Level Reps:  Any ideas?


Parents shared that it is hard to know what preschoolers do and don’t do.



Motion to end made by TIna Goffinet

Amanda Kemper 2nd the motion.


Stacy Kitchin

Tina Goffinet

Brooke Frick

Audrey Meyer

Amanda Kemper

Nettie Boeglin

Kathy James

Ann Rogier

Katie Buening

Jill Memmer

Tara Vaught

Jennifer Tuggle

Angie Lubbehusen

Angie Brockman

Karen Bettag

Crystal Hochgesang

Jayme Merkel