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SAT Vocabulary Words

This is a list of 25 words we will be practicing and learning throughout the year.  For this set of 25, they will be tested at beginning of their sophomore year!  Every year a new set of 25 words will be added to their vocabulary in hopes for bettering the SAT scores!  Thank you!

1.     Abbreviate-v. to shorten, abridge
2.    Adversity-n. misfortune, an unfavorable turn of events
3.    Amicable-adj. friendly, agreeable
4.    Anonymous-adj. nameless, without a disclosed identity
5.    Antagonist-n. foe, opponent, adversary
6.    Benevolent-adj. friendly and helpful
7.    Collaborate-v. to cooperate, work together
8.    Compassion-n. sympathy, helpfulness or mercy
9.    Conditional-adj. depending on a condition, e.g. , in a contract
10.Conformist-n. a person who complies with accepted rules and customs
11. Congregation-n. a crowd of people, an assembly
12.Diligent-adj. careful and hard-working
13.Enhance-v. to improve, bring to a greater level of intensity
14.Exemplary- adj. outstanding, an example to others
15.Frugal-adj. thrifty, cheap
16.Jubilation-joy, celebration, exultation
17.Nonchalant-adj. calm, casual, seeming unexcited
18.Orator-n. lecturer, speaker
19.Parched- adj. dried up, shriveled
20.Renovation-n. repair, making something new again
21.Restrained-adj. controlled, repressed, restricted
22.Scrutinize-v. to observe carefully
23.Superfluous-adj. extra, more than enough, redundant
24.Vindicate-v. to clear from blame or suspicion
25.Wary-adj. careful, cautious