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Social Studies


Social Studies Unit 2 - Lessons 1-3 Study Guide

Test Tuesday, 9/26/17

  • The Native American city of Cahokia is now known as Illinois.
  • The English settlers went to the Powhatan for help.
  • Jamestown grew more by having Africans help on the farms.
  • You will read a short passage on Pocahontas and answer questions about sequence of events in the passage. 
  • Thomas Jefferson helped write the Declaration of Independence.
  • The Stamp Act was a  law that taxed American colonies on everyday items.
  • The 13 original colonies were located on the eastern part of today’s United States, or the Atlantic coast.
  • The Constitution was written in Philadelphia in 1787.  It was created to protect the individual rights and freedoms of the United States citizens.
  • You will look at a time line and will be asked how the dates are divided (by decades, years, centuries, or months).  You will also be asked to tell which event occurred on a certain date from the timeline.
  • Constitution –written plan of government
  • The colonists fighting for independence from the British were known as the Patriots.
  • Before becoming our own country, the U.S. was a colony of Great Britain.
  • Colonists had to pay taxes, or money to the government, on sugar, newspapers, and tea.
  • The signing of the Declaration of Independence led to the American Revolution.
  • Daniel Boone explored the area currently known as Kentucky.
  • The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the U.S. in 1803.
  • One reason settlers wanted to move west was to find gold.
  • A hemisphere is a half of a sphere.
  • You will need to look at a globe showing hemispheres and tell to which hemisphere(s) a country belongs.

Here is a website to help you prepare for this week's quiz.  


Just click the link. Read the unit summary and take the practice quizzes for lessons 1-3.  (This is not the same as our quiz, just a review.)