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ISTEP Results...

4th in the state!   We are so proud of our improvement and support from our Southeast Dubois communities.

Teachers, Staff, Principals, and Parents work together to achieve.   Our students are our #1 focus and we THANK THEM as well, for their dedication to learning!


CCI Student and Parent Handbook Online

You can find our 2014-2015 CCI Student and Parent Handbook online at this link:  http://www.sedubois.k12.in.us/content_page2.aspx?schoolid=2&cid=104.

You can also find it by going to the Parent Resources section on our web page.  Look for the tab on the lower left corner of our school website.

Please contact us if you are unable to open the Handbook.    You will be asked to sign a form at registration acknowledging you are able to access the Handbook on line and are familiar with its contents.  (We will not be giving all families a paper copy of the handbook this school year.  However, if you request a paper copy, we will print and give one to you.) 


Grade A School Corporation


Southeast County School Corporation earns an 'A'
We are pleased to announce that the School Corporation has earned the highest category placement in the Indiana Department of Education’s annual accountability of schools.  SEDubois County has earned an “A”
The “A-F” school grading category is part of the Indiana’s school accountability program known as P.L. 221 based on student performance on the ISTEP tests as well as improvement on those tests.
We want to thank all teachers, students, parents, staff, and community members for all your hard work!!
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