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"Math is Everywhere!"  In sixth grade math, we work one lesson together each day.  As a group, we read and discuss the lesson concept and examples.  Together, we work the practice set problems.  As we discuss each practice problem, I work them at the document camera which is projected onto the screen and the students work them in their math notebooks.  Students learn each skill and write the step by step process to solve.  These are their math notes to study and refer back to when working homework problems.  Please ask questions...I am here for you!   

We will have homework every day that we have a lesson.  SHOW ALL WORK!  We will test after every five lessons.  SHOW ALL WORK!  Please remember to sign and return your test the next day for extra credit. 

120 Lessons...23 Tests...12 Investigations...Lots of Hard Work...Hello, 7th Grade!  

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